About Us

In the current state of the economy, we know parents are working hard to provide and save for their family. We know you want to give your little children a comfortable lifestyle and an education that gives them a chance at success.

We know that and admire you for it. This is also why we established Star Light Learning Academy. It is a daycare center where you can leave your children in the hands of professional caretakers and go to work with complete peace of mind.

Our team consists of qualified professionals who are certified to supervise children, entertaining them with healthy play activities and provide commendable education suitable for their age.

We take in children between the ages of 6 weeks and 13 years, using our comprehensive set of child care services. Packed with all the facilities that come with a privately owned educational institution, our team at SLLA is ready to take this huge responsibility off your hands.

After all, we have been doing this for 29 years now and know what we are talking about.



SLLA is the perfect place for your infant. We have professionals who are certified to take care of infants with a preliminary care team at hand to keep your dear child’s health constantly in check. With our team, your child will experience the special love and care you want to give them. Their needs will be met with punctuality and high standards of hygiene and nutrition. All this so you know you are leaving your precious little baby in the safest hands possible and go to work without a worry.

After School

Your young schoolers return from class tired, looking forward to some entertainment, rest, and a decent meal.  At SLLA, we provide children healthy activities to engage their minds constructively even when they are being entertained.  Our playrooms are full of such apparatus and our teachers will help your children with their homework during the afternoon.  They will come home with you rested, happy, and ready for another great day at school.

Evening Care

If you work in the afternoons, do not think there will be nobody around to take care of your children. At SLLA, we have our qualified team ready to entertain and educate your children in the evenings and take care of them until you come pick them up. They will have a ton of stories to tell you about their day on the way home. All the activities they participate in here with us will look after their educational and other needs and they will come home ready for a good night’s sleep.


We have specially trained staff to take care of our pre-kindergarten wards. We follow a curriculum strictly designed to engage children of this age to help them grow physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially. A disciplined routine is followed to provide them healthy meals on time, sufficient rest, and a lot of love and care. With our pre-K program, your little ones will get ready for school in no time.

Performing Arts

At SLLA, we strongly believe performing arts help build a child’s personality in many ways. We use dance, drama, singing, and other creative activities to bring out the artist in your children and give them the kind of self-confidence that can come from no other source. Based on a 38-objective curriculum, we build your child’s confidence, independence, creativity and analytical thinking all the while keeping them entertained.