Key Staff

Princess Shenette Zachary

The Daycare Queen | Daycare Design Specialist

Shenette is an entrepreneur and business coach who has owned a number of businesses since she started out in 1989 and helped even more during her journey. Over the years she learned her strength and heart were in child care. So, she focused on this area and founded a number of child care centers and sold them after remarkable success. She established SLLA in 2001 and made it the ultimate example of her vision of child care services.

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Denisha Lott


Denisha is a great example of the fruits of a great daycare system. She spent many hours of every day in her early years in daycare. She was educated by the system and took daycare related subjects in high school. She earned an undergraduate degree in early childhood teaching and has over 9 years of experience working in the industry since. One of her employers was St. Primrose where she worked for 2 years. She loves her job and believes these children can be educated to become the stars of tomorrow.


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